North Legacy Festival July 2019

About North Legacy Festival

North Legacy Festival is Toronto’s largest annual recurring Festival of Canadian and American urban Artists, Influencers and Reality Television stars. The Festival consists of various seasonal and monthly editions and is hosted by PrimeStar Legacy Promotions. North Legacy Fest aims to showcase and bring the most sought out events and talent in the continent throughout the year to Toronto and beyond the city.
North Legacy Festival Lineup – July 2019 Edition:

Due to complex unforeseen circumstances well beyond our control the July 2019 Edition of North Legacy Festival has been postponed until further notice. All tickets for the Festival event series have been refunded accordingly.

We would like to thank all of our loyal patrons for the overwhelming response, enthusiasm and support for our strong and strategically chosen Festival lineup of talent ranging from Legendary and Platinum Artists to the most renowned and highly recognized Influencers and Reality Television stars along with the most high-profile Hosts in Toronto.

As a recurring Festival with multiple monthly and seasonal editions North Legacy Festival will return with the talent booked for July 2019 along with additional talent.